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Who We Are

Shoreline Builders Inc. is a third generation, family-owned construction company that specializes in every facet of home building and improvement throughout Long Island, New York. For over 40 years, we have offered construction services to clients from design to project management to all aspects of construction. Now owned and operated by the original owners grandson, Shoreline Builders still adheres to the same principles that the company was founded on. As an elite builder and consulting company, we have earned a reputation within the industry for our honesty, integrity, quality and personalized service. We believe that trust should be at the foundation of every client relationship, which is why Shoreline Builders will work with you diligently to ensure that you conceive a finished product that exceeds your expectations.

Shoreline Builders offers clients the perfect combination of traditional values and cutting edge technology. Our team consists of an owner with a hands on approach , site supervisors staffed for each project, and project managers. Each with their own strengths, our team ensures each project receives the attention to detail it deserves. We strive to become involved with projects as early as possible, and when given the ability, to engage a project in the concept/design phase. By creating highly detailed budgets and building strategies, we are able to plan and budget a project in a way that gives full transparency to everyone involved. Our forward-thinking project managers and professional designers have the skill and expertise to work efficiently and adhere to strict deadlines. By offering flexibility, adaptability, and highly personalized service, we aim to bring every project in on time and within budget.

We provide our clients and architect partners with up-to-the-minute costs, contracts, and documents. AIA industry-standard contracts and billing ensure complete transparency throughout the course of a project. We are constantly monitoring the newest construction technologies and implementing those that allow us to make improvements for our customers, either in efficiency or in quality. Our state-of-the-art construction management software allows our project managers to closely monitor every detail of the construction process.

Brian Hurley, Owner

Brian Hurley, owner of Shoreline Builders Inc, is a highly motivated self started who thrives on learning and overcoming new challenges. His main goal of each project is to improve on every aspect of the home building process. From early on in the design/concept phase all the way to delivering the finished project, Brian has adapted a system that simplifies the construction experience for everyone involved. His system lowers temperament, time, and overall budget resulting in a less expensive yet superior outcome. For 20 years Shoreline Builders has consistenly improved their design procedures and improved on every phrase of the construction project's life cycle.